Shallow Bottom​/​Deep Surface

by Dark Cathedral

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released September 5, 2013

Photography by Cristian Rivera
All the work by Kevin Rivera



all rights reserved


Dark Cathedral Puerto Rico

Some years ago I learned how to usa a music program and started to make music to make some fun for me but months later I saw that I love composing and writing music so much that I wanted to make a band, but, I never found people who could be with me to make it. ... more

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Track Name: Love Letter - It's You
I am writing this letter from the bottom of my heart for you:

When I look into your eyes I see a beauty beyond the physical.
Something beyond description, which exceeds the thoughts, desires and pleasures,
hot as the flames of the sun and cold soft as moonlight.
So powerful it makes me shudder, I lose myself in you.
My heart is pounding and my lungs breathe rapidly.

Your hands are soft as cotton, so soft and beautiful that would be
a blessing to caress them. Your smile, shy and sweet,
gesture that I can not enjoy often, fills me with happiness and security.

I love you like I've never loved anyone before and
I love you like no one will ever love you.
Your way of being, as woman, as child, I feel I'm back to being a child again.

When you're around me my heart burns, my head goes crazy. I feel your warmth
and your heartbeat from afar.

You are my heaven, earth and hell fused.
You're the only one I see, my illness and my remedy,
My light and my darkness. My sun and my moon.

I could watch you for hours without looking away.
To contemplate your gray eyes is to travel the universe,
meet all the stars and constellations and see planets collapse and birth.

When I met you I met myself. As I fell in love with you I learned to love who I am.

Behind the window of your heart you lock all the love that dwells
from the deepest of your being. Let me open it to enter,
give you all my love and to feel yours.

You are music to my ears, light to my eyes,
the smooth scent of roses, the sweet flavor of honey.
you complement my senses and give meaning to my life.

I Constantly think about you, dream of you and live every second of my life to see you.
I love you and I can not live without you.
Track Name: Mi Universo Entero
En estado de contemplación
Me encuentro perdido yo
Contemplando tus bellos ojos
Que frisan mi mirada

Acaricio tu cabello
Veo tu sonrisa que es lo más bello
Que existe en el mundo

Cuando me miras me haces temblar
Cuando te abrazo siento
El latir de tu corazón
Y el mío late fuerte también

Quiero volar al cielo
Y bajarte las estrellas
Llevarte a volar
A escapar de la ciudad

Me brindas felicidad
Me llenas de seguridad
Dame la mitad de tu vida
Y te doy mi vida entera

Eres hermosa como una flor
Suaves y blancos pétalos
Visten tu piel, bella

Tu presencia me vuela la mente
Eres mi universo entero
Una infinidad de estrellas
Eres mi vida entera

Nuestras almas están hechas
Una para la otra
Eres mi eternidad
La que dedico hoy
Track Name: Song For A Broken Heart
You didn't see me cry
And I was so broken
My wings are broken I can't fly
I feel I've lost a piece from me

I know you're broken too
But you didn't want me to fix you
You didn't want me to wipe your tears
And that broke me into pieces.
Track Name: The Girl I Love Has A Girlfriend
The girl I love has a girlfriend
The girl I love didn't love me back
She seems to be real happy now
I guess she wasn't meant to be with me
And I'm not meant to be happy ever
I guess I'll be miserable my whole life

I hope you enjoy being happy
'Cause I feel empty in my heart
hope you never suffer the way I'm suffering now
"cause you'll want to die